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The 411 On The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail


The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is one of those hikes that just never gets old — the views of Oahu’s east-side are truly unmatched. This month on the blog we’re dishing all the things you need to know about one of our very favorite hikes on the island.

This moderately difficult hike is about two miles, round-trip. While the paved trail allows for smooth walking, the 500ft of elevation make frequent stops and lots of water absolutely necessary. Don’t let the steep slopes fool you, families full of babies, little kids and pets frequent this trial daily.

It’s smartest to hike this trail in the early morning or late afternoon. Anywhere from noon to four o’clock will bring you the hottest temperatures of the day. Here at Kaimana Tours, we offer 7am shuttles and 11am returns. From the months of November through May, be sure to look for whales. During this span of time humpback whales are making their trek through the islands.

In addition to there being zero shade on the trail, the hike is also located in a drier part of the island. Be sure to pack lots of sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and bottles (yes, multiple bottles) of water. If you think you can handle the weight, also pack a camera — the views are absolutely insane. While it may be silly to say — don’t forget your sneakers — there are a decent amount of slopes that require you to dig your feet into the ground.

The trail is easy to spot and is located right off of Kalanianaole Highway. Parking is free and plentiful. Arriving early will also make it easier to find a place to park.

We hope this information help you plan your next visit to Oahu. The perfect vacation truly does exist. Let us help you make your dreams of a Hawaiian getaway a reality. Give us a call or visit the TOURS tab above to book your adventure today.