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The Residents of Hanauma Bay — A Few Fish You Can Count on Seeing at the Bay


One of our most popular tours here at Kaimana is the Hanauma Bay experience. Its blue waters, white sands and front row display of pacific marine life make Hanauma Oahu’s premier snorkeling spot. While there are over 100 native Hawaiian species that roam the island waters, this month on the blog we’re spotlighting four fish that will most definitely make an appearance on your Hanauma Bay excursion.

The Threadfin Butterflyfish is at the top of our list. Its white, black and bright yellow body make it almost impossible to miss. Most threadfins measure about 9 inches long and are seen roaming ocean waters from 1 to 115 feet deep.

The Orange Surgeonfish is a close contender when it comes to ‘guaranteed-to-see’. These brightly colored, oval-shaped creatures usually stay near the reef. They specifically love tropical reefs which makes Hanauma Bay a prime spot to linger.

Another brightly colored fish that is bound to make its way into your snorkel adventure is the Moorish Idol. It’s one-of-a-kind appearance, similar to that of an angel fish, has small fins and a protruding snout. These fish prefer flat reefs and shallow, warm waters.

The Blueline Snapper is another regular at Hanauma Bay. These fish usually travel in large schools and linger warm shallow waters. It’s almost impossible to miss these beauties, especially with it’s bright, nearly fluorescent, yellow body.

These four fish aren’t the only things you’ll witness at Hanauma Bay, the list of underwater memories you will make goes on and on. For anyone wanting to experience the best of Oahu, this is a tour that should not be missed! We feel so lucky to be part of a company that offers people the chance to discover the beauty of Hawaii. Visit our Tours tab to book your Hanauma Bay excursion. Want to go for the gusto? Book a Combo Tour with us, we’re positive you will not disappointed. Aloha!