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3 Beach Day Tips and Tricks

Happy Family on the Beach

Here at Kaimana Tours beach days happen often, and we’re not mad about it! Those long and tiring days under the Hawaiian sun make up some of our most cherished memories. While we agree whole-heartedly that trips to the beach can be lots of fun, especially when making memories with family and friends, they are most enjoyed when the unnecessary scrapes, burns, missing keys and lost children are left out. Do your best to avoid any disasters with these 3 beach day tips and tricks.


  1. Add a flotation device to your keys. This is a great way to ensure they don’t sink to the bottom of the ocean’s floor if you accidentally leave them in the velcro pocket of your surf shorts. Save yourself time and worry, and thank us later!


  1. Don’t forget lip protection. We are always reminding you to use reef-friendly sunscreen, but don’t forget to cover those lips too! The sun, heat and salt water can seriously dry your lips out, so ensure you regularly apply a lip balm containing SPF sun protection.


  1. Find a spot near the lifeguard. At the beginning of your beach day, choose a spot near (not in front of) the lifeguard post. The ocean’s natural current will have you drifting through the water; however, picking a spot near the lifeguard will make it easy to remember where your family and belongings are. This tip is especially helpful for those families with young children. Make it a point to tell your children when you first arrive that if he or she gets lost to make their way towards the lifeguard post.


A day at the beach is, hands-down, one of our most favorite things to do with the entire family. Turn a good time into a great one with our 3 beach day tips and tricks. Let us know how they work for you, and if you have some beach hacks you’d like us to know about, leave them down in the comments below. Give us a call or visit our TOURS tab above to explore more of Oahu island, let us show you what makes our home so special!