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5 Key Benefits of Snorkeling With Your Children


Summer is here and we could not be more excited about it! While the weather in Hawaii screams summer all year long, June means school is out and that the real family fun begins. It is understandable that some parents are quick to deem snorkeling as an activity too dangerous for children; but, as bonafide ocean lovers and defenders of all things adventure, we’re here to prove the opposite. This month on the blog we’re talking about 5 benefits of snorkeling with your keiki.

Snorkeling increases blood circulation, heart rate and strengthens heart muscle — all of which have proven to help cardiovascular health. Unless you already have a severe cardiovascular disease (in which case we do not suggest snorkeling), it is known to lower your risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, as well as high blood pressure. What better way to instill a healthy lifestyle into your children than to encourage outdoor, physical activity.

Snorkeling allows you to observe marine life in close range. Children will never receive an underwater lesson that compares to a front row seat in the actual environment. Along with a closeup education, children become familiar with underwater etiquette. It’s important for snorkelers to understand that while marine life may literally be within reach, one should never disturb the natural flow of the ocean. Children learn to essentially keep their distance, and respect the vast ocean and its inhabitants.

Snorkeling, like swimming, requires you to use your entire body. Don’t get us wrong, we do suggest wearing a life vest if you feel it necessary for your safety and enjoyment. However — floaty or not — snorkeling demands massive amounts of energy and total body strength. Snorkeling will help to develop and strengthen the same muscles that children use when free swimming, and as a family-oriented business we call that a win. Strong swimmers equal safe swimmers, and here at Kaimana Tours safety comes first. Moreover, snorkel masks take away the worry of not being able to breathe and redirect that energy to an increase of water awareness. Instead of wondering when you will take your next breath, your body switches gears — is my body evenly positioned? Are my kicks consistent? Is my head aligned with my body? All questions that eventually lead to a better swimmer.

Snorkeling is an activity for the entire family to enjoy. Everyone in the family can share and forever remember the experience of exploring an underwater paradise, complete with marine life, coral reef, rising tides and the humbling sight of an ocean that never truly ends. Snorkeling as a family also instills a sense of protection over those you love. While the activity holds little risk (when practiced correctly), it encourages an atmosphere of unity. One should never snorkel alone, so why not head out with the entire ohana!

In this day and age, where cell phones are essentially a part of the family, it’s important to encourage as much time outdoors as possible. We admit, we love our phones, but we also think balance is key in all aspects of life. Snorkeling reassures children that its okay to set down our screens and get outside — being outdoors is fun!

We hope these 5 benefits persuade you to grab the kids and head to the ocean! Here at Kaimana Tours, we truly believe that snorkeling is an activity for the entire family. Make the most of your summer vacation— grab a snorkel, throw on some fins and explore all that Hawaii’s underwater paradise has to offer, children included!