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Manoa Valley & Manoa Falls Trail

Manoa Vally & Manoa Falls

One of the most famous and traversed trails on Oahu, Hawaii is the Manoa Falls Trail.  People visiting from all around the world visit this trail with the intent to hike through the lush valley and see the beautiful cascading waterfall at the end of the trail.  In Hawaiian culture, the beauty of nature goes beyond a pretty rainbow or a breathtaking waterfall.  Hawaiians regard the natural surroundings and places around Hawaii with a sacred reverence – each place telling a story of how things came to be. These stories are known as mo’olelo (legends/stories) that have been passed down through our Kupuna (Elder or Grandparent).

One lesser known legend is that of Manoa Valley and Kahalaopuna.  Kahalaopuna,was known as the Beauty of Manoa. Her tale is one of mercy, love and justice. As the legend goes, the divine wind (Kahaukani) and rain (Kauakuahine) gave birth to a child named Kahalaopuna. Kahalopuna was a sought after beauty.  Kauhi, who belonged to the family of the shark God wished to win the love of Kahalaopuna.  After being turned down by Kahalaopuna, Kauhi went into a jealous rage – killing and burying her under a koa tree.  Kahalaopuna’s spirit wandered the land searching for the help of someone who could find her body. Eventually, her spirit found Mahana, a noble chief, who followed her to her own grave. There he discovered her lifeless body and took her body to his village where she was resurrected with the help of Mahana’s older brother and two spirit sisters.

Mahana, seeking to avenge Kahalaopuna, visited Kauhi and confronted him with the news that Kahalaopuna was still alive. Kauhi agreed that if Kahalaopuna was surely alive, he would be baked in an Imu (underground firepit). When it was finally discovered that Kahalaopuna was alive, Kauhi was seized and put to death for his crimes. From that day forward, the land of Manoa was given to Mahana and Kahalaopuna, and they lived a long and happy life, always sheltered by a rainbow.

To this day, a visit to Manoa Valley will almost always guarantee a cool mist of rain, refreshing gusts of wind, and a breathtaking rainbow sighting in addition to the amazing trails and waterfall. We welcome you to join us and book a tour complete with round-trip transportation, walking sticks, bug spray, and a bottle of water. We would love to share our knowledge of the valley as well as provide you with first class service to ensure you have a hassle-free and exciting experience. Mahalo and hope to see you all soon!